Black Future 88 Part 2

For the Nintendo Switch release trailer I was asked to do another Black Future 88 cinematic together with Mads Broni. In this project I learned a lot about workload management…

Character Designs :

This time I had to design 7 additional characters based on the sprites the team provided. (Some of which we didn’t use in the end.)

Animation Process :

As for the animations, I was the lead animator responsible for all the character animations. This time we got more time until the deadline.

I started off really passionate, wanting to animate almost everything by myself and leaving one shot to an additional animator… That was a mistake.

In the end it was too much work and we ended up hiring another animator last minute to do the final shot.

The learning lesson I got from this: Even though I’m excited, I have to delegate more to other people. Hitting this wall taught me a great deal about planning ahead and spreading out the amount of work to multiple people.

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